We need dance to find our inner worlds and to express them with beauty and dignity.



A woman’s life is an untold story until it finds a new language and a new space.

The body is the most intimate field of expression

– a theatre of symbols at once universal and individual.


Padma Menon is a dancer, choreographer, director and facilitator. Acknowledged as one of the top classical dancers in India, she also has an international career as a pioneering contemporary artist. Padma has a Masters in Choreography from the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. She has studied and taught Yoga, Kalaripayattu martial art form and contemporary dance. Her work has examined controversial issues such as gender, racism and cultural stereotypes and is ground breaking in its themes and dance vocabulary.

Padma trained under the legendary Indian Guru, Vempati Chinna Satyam and had a high-profile performing career in India. In Australia, she established a school and a professional dance company which pioneered traditional and contemporary work. Padma continued her work in the Netherlands where she presented contemporary productions across Europe and the USA. With the aim of using dance to empower women, Padma set up a dance centre in India. Through the centre she worked with women’s refuges, human rights organisations and children with disabilities using dance to facilitate transformation and healing.

Padma currently lives in Canberra, Australia.


Padma uses dance to facilitate links between the inner and the outer–between our feelings and the external world.

Padma’s approach accesses the rich symbolism, myths and archetypes present in Indian dance.

She combines these with breath work and other aspects of Yoga, and with the understanding of body, space and time from Laban Movement Analysis.

Classes & Workshops

Padma offers individual lessons for women who wish to use dance as a reflective practice or to simply explore their creativity.

She designs the classes with the students to accommodate their skill level and goals.

For advanced dancers she offers classes in cross cultural choreography and dance

Padma is available for workshops for women which provide an opportunity for participants to experience her approach.

She also teaches workshops in cross cultural choreography and classical Indian dance.